Proposed setup for CASTOR 2 fresh installations

Sebastien Ponce

This document aims at proposing a default setup for a fresh CASTOR 2 installation. The goal is to try to homogenize the different sites in order to ease debugging.

This installation is meant to be a small scale setup (although hints are given on how to extend it). It should anyway be enough for TIER 1 activities.

The description of the tape part (including tapeservers, robotic, etc...) is not given since it is common with CASTOR 1. However, take care that the tape server software has to be upgraded to CASTOR 2 on all machines. This CASTOR 2 version is still fully compatible with old CASTOR 1 clients but is needed for the new CASTOR 2 clients.

Sebastien Ponce 2005-10-21